Monday, December 23, 2013

The Bird Feeder

The bird feeder in our backyard, photo by Jeno Berta

Greetings All:

When we moved into our house a few year's back, there were a couple of bird feeders.  One has not survived but the photo above is of the remaining one.  We also put up another one that we acquired shortly after we moved in.  I do not fill them during the rest of the year.  Yet as soon as we get the first snow, I'm off to Hy-Vee (our local grocery store) and buy a couple of bags of the discount birdseed.

It's somewhat of a gameshow for me in filling them, as I have to climb up the small hill to get to them. The first time I did it this season, I ended up running into a burr bush and got about a million of those little fuzzy things stuck on me.  Those pants are no longer with us.  I now have a new route to take care of the feeders.

Although it is somewhat of a pain to fill them, it is something I like doing.

It's fun to watch the birds and see the unusual ones that show up for the buffet.  However, the real show is the squirrels.  Even though the feeder has the "half bowl' thing on the bottom to deter them, it is only somewhat effective.  The squirrels figure out a way to get up on the feeder.  For them, it's Golden Corral.  If I see them and the dog's around, I'll let him out to chase the squirrel away.  The dog never gets the squirrel but it's fun to watch.

Winter is not my favorite season.  It's cold, really cold.  The days are way short and doing things outside involves a bunch of layers.  Going outside in bare feet is hardly recommended.  My Camaro's top is up and its stored until April.  There are a number of things that make winter, well, winter.  If you're looking for sun and fun, either head to the airport or wait for (at least) five months.  The other option is to accept winter for what it is and appreciate the things that are not around in the summer.  The stars, for example, at least some of them, are a whole lot brighter in the winter.  Here's some more information:

There is also a simple beauty in seeing a setting sun in winter.  Today when I walked out of my office, I appreciated the view of the sky as the pink of the retreating sun mixed with the pale blue fading sky.  The bare trees were standing straight, as if at attention, respectful of the end of the day.  I'll admit, I didn't wonder it for very long (it was 3 degrees after all) but it's a view I can only see in winter.

I'll do my best to keep the bird feeder stocked this winter.  Even though its cold, it is worth it to see the birds come and add some action and a bit of color to the backyard.  When spring comes, they'll be on their own.  Until then, I am happy to keep feeding them.  They may get a free meal, but I get to watch them,...from the warmth of inside.

Be well my friends,

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