Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bar's Closed on Christmas

My Dad's Bar, photo by Jeno Berta

Greetings All:

It's Christmas Eve.  Thanks to my wonderful wife, Dawn, there is terrific-smelling brisket baking for dinner tomorrow.  I'm listening to Christmas Cocktails,  a favorite album this time of year.  It's got songs by both Dean Martin and Lou Rawls after all.  Speaking of songs, below is my first attempt at writing some lyrics.  I've had the idea for this song running through my head for the past few years and I finally got around to stringing some nouns and verbs together and got somewhat of a finished project.  If you're thinking this may be of the country genre, you'd be correct.

The inspiration comes from my Dad's place.  He owns a neighborhood tavern in Northwest Davenport.  Back when my Mom was with us, he'd closed on Christmas.  If I was in town, before I got married, I'd go up about 4:00 on Christmas Eve and help him close.  We'd go home and have dinner with Mom and go to Mass the next day.  It was a special time, no doubt.

I remember one year when my Dad was heating the place with the wood-burning stove, we went up in the afternoon just to stoke the fire.  In the brief time we were there, a few of the regulars stopped by and long story short, we were open.  Needless to say, Mom was not amused and Dad went back to gas heat.

The bar business is tough.  As my Dad says, "It's not the work, it's the hours."  For those bars that are closed tomorrow, enjoy the day.  After all, if Santa takes Christmas Day off, so can you, if you wish.

“Bar’s Closed on Christmas”
lyrics by Jeno Berta ©
December 14, 2013

First Verse

It’s Christmas eve, ‘bout four o’clock,
I’m at the bar, It’s getting dark.
It’s time for me to head for home.

To the owner’s direction I glance,
Asking if he’s open tomorrow, by chance.

(This line is spoken)

He smiles and he says:


Bar’s closed on Christmas,
One day a year.
Bar’s closed on Christmas,
You can’t drink here.

Bar’s closed on Christmas,
No shots, no beer.
Bar’s closed on Christmas,
Even for reindeer.

Second Verse

My wife texts me from the mall,
Asking if our cousin’s shirt size is tall,
I’m sure glad that I’m sitting here.

But I know that stay too long,
This is the last of the jukebox’s songs,
I better finish up my beer.

It’s the night of the big Yule,
And as I set up my bar stool,
I know tomorrow I’m staying home.

(Spoken) ‘cause we all know:

Bar’s closed on Christmas,
It’s time to go.
Bar’s closed on Christmas,
Hey, is that snow?!?

Bar’s closed on Christmas,
We can’t go there.
Bar’s closed on Christmas,
And the beer fridge is bare!

Third Verse

The owner starts moppin’ the floor,
With the others, I head towards the door,
Wishing I could have just one more.

Off go the beer lights,
Santa’s suiting up for his big flight,
With a handshake to the owner I say good night.

(Spoken) …and a Merry Christmas!

He wishes me the same,
I’ll be back soon to see a game,
But I’m watching the Aloha Bowl at home.

(Spoken) Because:            


Bar’s closed on Christmas,
One day a year.
Bar’s closed on Christmas,
No cup of cheer.

Bar’s closed on Christmas
And that seems right.
Bar’s closed on Christmas,

And to all, a good night!

Merry Christmas,

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