Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cool Hand Luke Inspired Confession

"I got my mind right, Boss, I got my mind right!"

Paul Newman as Cool Hand Luke

I was inspired by this movie to come clean with all of you. For those of you who are old enough to remember the movie, "Cool Hand Luke," you will recall that Luke, the lovable rouge petty criminal, kept escaping from prison, only to get caught and be subjected to the sadistic punishments by the Captain or "Boss." Luke finally breaks (well, sort of) and pledges that he's got "...his mind right."

Well my friends, I confess, I've not had my mind right as far as following some ruled go. As the photos show, I've racked up some...fines with my local library. And not just for one book. No sir, just like Luke, I'm a multiple offender- two books. Actually, there was a third but thanks to a technicality, justice was tempered with mercy, no fine.

I knew I had to face up to my ill deeds. So last night as my older daughter was working on her rock and roll at AM Guitar Works, went and paid the piper, er Librarian. So there it is, my debt paid.

I hope you realize I'm being fairly (mostly) sarcastic with this post making reference to my $.60 an overdue library fines. However, I really do appreciate my local library. It is a great place to check request that they located book for you. I was able to find have them find a copy of "The Centurions" a book pretty much out of print from a library in Mount Pleasant Iowa. Therefore, I try to take care to get my books back on time and and/or renew them. However in this case, I guess I just wasn't living right. But I'm better now and my conscious is clear.

Wishing everyone a great upcoming weekend. Be well my friends.

Best rgs,

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