Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Magnanimity of Summer's End

The sunset on the last day of summer, 2014.  Photo by J. Berta

Greetings All:

Summer has passed and now, it's fall.  For some, summer's end is a time to lightly grieve.  No more beach and much less sun.  For others, it is a time to celebrate.  Gone is the repressive heat and replaced with crisp mornings and shining days.  Unless you're living in Arizona.  If so, then you've got a few weeks left of summer.  (Enjoy!)

The photo I took is of one of the last of the summer sunsets.  I debated whether to post this photo as how more cliche could I get when discussing the end of summer than a photo of a sunset?  Then again, it is my photo.

Summer has to end, it is a fact of life.  At some point, the breeze will shift to a bitter wind.  But not yet.  That is days to come.  In the meantime, there is fall.

I view fall as a transition between summer and winter.  You have to run your car's heater in the morning and the A/C in the afternoon.  The sun rises later yet it still shines brightly.  I think that may be where the magnanimity of summer's end shines through.  Yes, it is  an end, but it's not a quick one.  The good times can linger.  True, the sun goes down sooner but it's still pretty to see.  Oh, and you do not need to be wearing gloves and a stocking hat to observe it.  Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Be well my friends,

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