Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crossing Bridges

Greetings All:

As I mentioned in my first post, the title for this blog, Cedo Pontis, is a rough translation of the Latin "to go to," and the word, "bridge."  So, I thought I would talk about crossing bridges.  With apologies issued in advance for using a way-old metaphor, I did title this post Crossing Bridges.  However, I will make an attempt to add some original thought to this idea.

I cross a bridge at least twice a day during the week, actually, four bridges, counting the overpass, to get to my work.  (More about that later.)  I am not alone, millions, probably billions of people do the same thing.  Then there are the other "things" in our life we bridge.  They are the connections between our family, our friends (Facebook is the expansion bridge to the online world) and to the parts of our self, past and present.  Many of these we do self-consciously and quite frankly, we should.  It's called life.  If we think and ponder about everything we do and the "deeper" meaning of it, we'd never get anything done.  I can speak only for myself, but it's a constant battle to simply keep laundry washed and (dare I say it) folded and put away.

Yet I do think that it is time well spent to, on occasion, ponder where we are, how we got there, and where we would like to go.  As we think about what is next, planning is always a good idea.  In doing so, we can see what bridges we need to cross, and who knows, what bridges we may build.


Today is Pat's Run in Tempe, AZ.

The link above gives some background on this race and the cause it supports.  Pat Tillman was a pro football player who walked away from millions of dollars to enlist in the Army.  He was killed in Afghanistan under circumstances that may never be 100% clear.  What is clear is that Pat was someone who LOVED life as his friends and family attest to without exception. (I never met him, for which I regret but I have had the privilege to meet many people close to him and am honored to have them as valued friends.)  What is great about PTF is the work it does to help others make a difference.  Today, 28k will take to the streets of Tempe to run, walk and honor Pat.  They will also be raising money and joining together to both celebrate Pat's life and take positive action for others.  For some, the 4.2 mile run will be the longest (and last :)) of their life.  That's fine.  In doing so, they are crossing a number of bridges, those made by others and those created in their mind.

Have a great day, be well my friends!


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