Thursday, August 7, 2014

Welcome Back

The Palmer College of Chiropractic, from Wikipedia, fair use claimed, full cite below.

Greetings All:

Today is the Palmer College of Chiropractic homecoming.  Doctors of Chiropractic, or "DCs" will descend on the Davenport, Iowa location of school where chiropractic began in 1895.  As a local and the proud husband of a Palmer alum, Dr. Dawn Strauss-Berta, I say welcome back. 

Homecomings are ripe with nostalgia.  It is a time to see old friends and recall the ones who are not here.  One can wander the campus where a few (or maybe more than a few) years ago the center of one's universe consisted of a few square blocks of buildings.  I know I have quite precise feelings when I walk around the University of Iowa and I've not been a student there since Bush was President...the first one.

I'd be remiss not to give a nod to the Palmer school and family.  From the days of D.D. Palmer being a magnetic healer and restoring the hearing of a janitor, chiropractic has grown to have a global presence in the health care field.  Full disclosure- I am a big fan of chiropractic and have been even before I met my wife.  I think it is a great way to be healthy and without drugs or invasive procedures.  But this post is more about what this weekend means for Dawn, her friends and colleagues, and in a way, for all of us.

I think it is time well spent to connect with one's past, especially those formative events.  I also think in our text-centric/status-update world, personal contact is even more important than ever.  It is, in my opinion, invaluable to spend time in person with friends and colleagues.  Then there is the business side of such events.  Chiropractors, like attorneys, educators and other professionals, have to complete so many hours of continuing education.  This event offers the opportunity to do so in one setting.  Although I am not the one planted in a seat for hours on end at Palmer, I've done plenty of these classes in my day.  To quote William J, "I feel your pain."

Hopefully, the speakers will be at least somewhat engaging and something tells me, they will.  Palmer is known for putting on class act events and Homecoming is the biggest one of the year.  As Tony Robbins says (or words to this effect), "If you take away one good idea, then it's time well spent."  I trust that everyone attending will come away with information that they can apply in treating their patients.  After all, compared to "traditional" medicine, chiropractic is in its infancy and I suspect there is still much to discover about it.

It is this sharing of and passing of knowledge that makes this homecoming event unique.  Unlike going back to your college for a tailgate and football game, this gathering is more than social.  It's empowering both in knowledge and spirit.  Then there are the current students.  I've been to a number of the social events at Palmer and I always enjoy seeing the students who are full of enthusiasm for their chosen career.  That's good.  After all, let's recall the words of one R.W. Emerson, "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."  I suspect and hope that there will be a re-charging of the "enthusiasm batteries" of the Doctors of Chiropractic attending this homecoming.  If so, then that is truly time well-spent.

For those of you old enough to remember the TV series, Welcome Back Kotter, you'll likely recall the catchy theme song by John Sebastian by the same name.  Here are the lyrics:

"Welcome back,
Your dreams were your ticket out.

Welcome back,
To that same old place that you laughed about.

Well the names have all changed since you hung around,
But those dreams have remained and they're turned around.

Who'd have thought they'd lead ya (Who'd have thought they'd lead ya)
Back here where we need ya (Back here where we need ya)

Yeah we tease him a lot cause we've got him on the spot, welcome back,
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back."


I particularly like the line, "...back here where we need ya."  In the song, it signifies that the main character, Gabe Kotter, has returned to his old high school to teach.  For me, this line can apply to anyone who has a gift and/or a skill, simply drop the word "back" and it's applicable to wherever one is.  Of course, one can go home and take their knowledge and passion to to help their communities get better.  Then again, one can go to a new place and provide the same benefit.  I think people know where they're needed.
In the meantime, to Dawn, her friend Heather, and all the Palmer alums, enjoy your time back on campus.  Welcome back indeed.
Be well my friends,


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