Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Bix 7 Top Ten

My shoes and "race bib" from Saturday's Bix 7, photo credit, J. Berta

Greetings All:

Saturday (July 26th) was the famed Bix 7 run that I commented on Friday night.  I finished with a less than stellar time yet am proud I ran the whole thing.  (I did pause to say hi to my friend Ken Burns who was part of the volunteer motorcycle crew that blocks off the streets and the Elvis imitators but aside from that, I ran/lumbered the whole way.)

I have been reading Meb K's book and thought it was pretty cool that he got to read the Letterman "Top Ten" list after winning the New York City Marathon.  So, as a ode to Meb, I thought I'd offer my own, so here goes:

My Ten Thoughts on the Bix 7 Race:

10.  To the self-absorbed woman who was too busy messing with her iPhone to even acknowledge the National Anthem, I hope you had a good run.  Also, I  sure hope those Soldiers lugging their ugly assault packs didn't get in your way.  Sigh;

9.  It never gets old heading up Brady Street hill and seeing the mass of humanity in front and behind you.  That is worth being in the run, just for that experience;

8.  Hey, thanks Marathon Photo for the latest email opportunity to buy an outrageously priced photo (plus the postage charge).  I deleted the first sixteen emails with this same offer;

7.  Mile 4, I hate you.  That is all;

6.  In all seriousness, without the volunteers, this could not happen.  Thanks.  A special thanks to the motor cyclists who block off Kirkwood Blvd.  Many who pull this duty and proudly display their service history.  A special thanks to Ken Fry, and "welcome home" my friend;

5.  Every year I say, "I'm gonna train."  Every year, I never do.  It's hard to break an hour with a 12 minute mile average;

4.  Best thing after the race, grape pop sickles from Whitey's;

3.  My guardian angels/spirit guides must have been on the clock for just as I hit the hardest hill, Beastie Boys "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" came up on my shuffle music list.  That was a much needed boost.  (& RIP MCA, you are sorely missed.);

2.  To the those who ran in costume, especially the "Marilyn's and Elvis' of the day, you always make it fun.  Also, it was good to see the Palmer College of Chiropractic Spine making their necessary "adjustments" along the way.  (OK, got it, that was bad...);


1.  To John Hudetz, the man who is credited with getting Bix off the ground 40 years ago.  Without you and your friends' vision (and some quick thinking when you did not have the parade permit) you gave us a great event.  From a humble field of 84 it has grown to its majestic status now.  Just goes to show what happens when you believe enough in an idea.  

Be well my friends,



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