Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Talent Show

Greetings All:

Happy weekend everyone, we got ours off to a terrific start Friday night by seeing our daughter Carly perform at her grade school talent show.  She was fantastic, singing "Castle on a Cloud" from Les Miz.  Of course, I am hopelessly biased as a father (and shame on me if I would not be).  Yet even putting aside my fatherly pride, I can objectively say that she, and all the kids, did great.  My Dad was able to go and I caught a glimpse of him beaming as she was singing.

There were over 40 acts tonight.  Some kids sang, or danced, or played an instrument.  One of the crowd's favorites were two kids in full Japanese armor swinging wooded samurai swords.  The show concluded with the 6th graders doing a group number and at the end held up a sign, "Class of 2020."  I immediately suppressed the urge to do the math to figure out just how old I'll be then.

These events are a lot of fun.  The kids had worked hard and the teachers had spent a bunch of time getting them ready and engaging in the requisite "herding of cats" that had to go on at these events.  The Pleasant Valley High School drama kids helped out by running the lights and various tech functions.  This was not some production in the gym, this was real kids performing on a real stage.  I think some of the parents were more nervous than the kids.

These events are a ton of fun and a collective "good news" story.  Of course, we were there to see Carly.  Yet I enjoyed seeing all the kids perform.  Who knows, some of these kids may go on to perform on much bigger venues.  Then again, for a few minutes last night, they were on the biggest venue that mattered to them.  It was a privilege to watch all of them perform.

I am grateful that I live in a school district where there are these opportunities for my kids.  I am grateful that there are teachers who are willing, on their own time, to work with the kids and enthusiastically support their endeavors.  The beginning of the show opened with the teachers doing a mix of The Lion King in costume.  I wonder how many teachers, despite their best intentions, would return to their schools at night in the inner city?  I hope the answer is all of them.  It may be.  Call me cynical, but I doubt it.  I am grateful for the seat I had in the auditorium where I got to see my daughter and other kids perform.  Oh, and the ice cream my Dad treated us to after the show was pretty good as well. :)

Here's to all the kids out there who get up on stage and fight through the butterflies to share their talents.  Here's to the parents and teachers who support them.  Here's to the others backstage who move the show along.  It was a great event and as I type this can feel myself smiling.  A great way to begin any weekend indeed.

Be well my friends,

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