Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Tradition Worth Sharing (Just Don't Tell the ASPCA)

Greetings All:

It's Thanksgiving, a time of traditions.  For some, it involves the trek across town or across the country to spend time with family and friends.  As I write this, please join me in a nod of thanks and appreciation for those who are not within a car ride of friends or family who instead find themselves in a cold and dangerous place.  For them, Thanksgiving dinner will be served not on fine china or even a chipped plate, but on a plastic one.  They may get to watch football, but more than likely, they will be back on duty.  To all those working and serving today, you have my profound thanks.  I hope next year you are back home, eating your fill and getting to see all three games, if you wish.

Today, we are going out to eat.  For those who might call that heresy, I'd point out that my wonderful wife Dawn cooked a fantastic Chanukah dinner.  We had over a few good friends and the evening was terrific.  My cleaning up was a small contribution to the day-long cook-fest that took place in our kitchen.
The Festival of Lights kicks off at our place last night.  (Photo by Jeno Berta.)

The other reasons we're going out to eat is that there are only 5 of us and my Dad will be opening his bar later.  The Green Bay game kicks off that great tradition of football and this gets him back there for that.  For those who might take issue with him being opened on T-day, this is truly by his choice.  I'll likely do another blog post on the bar one day, but for now, please rest assured that my Dad is just fine with working today.

Now there are a couple of traditions that I have (ahem) skipped today.  I'm not watching the parade.  (You seen one Snoopy balloon, you've seen them all.)  I also did not make it to the Turkey Trot.  Sure, it would make it tough to get to dinner on time.  (Yes, we're one of those families that eat way early.  Again, the Green Bay game!)  But truth being told, it's 19 degrees outside.  Sorry, but getting all geared up for the privilege of running 5 miles in the cold is not necessary for me to capture the joy of the day.  And besides, the YMCA already processed my payment and I got my t-shirt.  

Now there is one tradition that I do want to share.  It's the viewing of the WKRP "Turkey Drop" bit.  For those of us lucky enough to remember this show, it is everything GREAT about the late 70s.  This is perhaps one of the funniest episodes and the link below shows it.  I am making the good-faith presumption that since it has been on YouTube for a while and the "share" feature is enabled, it's cool to share it.  (Now, if whomever owns the copyright has an issue, you have my apology and I'll cease and desist.  In the meantime, please see the embed video below.)  I am sure no turkeys were injured in the taping of this episode.

I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving, Chanukah, St. Nicholas Day, Kwanzaa (Dec 26th this year) and whatever else you elect to celebrate.  Have fun (and for God's sake be safe!) and enjoy whatever traditions you want, goofy, serious, or somewhere in between.

Be well my friends,

My bib from today's race.  It's a "treadmill trot" for me.  (Photo by Jeno Berta)   

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