Saturday, February 2, 2013

One Story of Living Life on Your Own Terms

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So after being on the blog lam for five weeks, here is my second post today.  I know I should be in bed with tomorrow being a full day (including a sad event of a funeral for longtime family friend, RIP Al, God's speed home) but I wanted to put this out first. 

Tim Ferriss wrote a book a few years back entitled, The 4 Hour Work Week.  I picked it up on on clearance and after listening to it would have gladly paid full-price for it.  Tim is a guy who has figured out a way to work a fraction of the time (thus the 4 hours a week) running an automated business to do the stuff he wants to do.  He has shot both a bunch of firearms with a group of Croatian soldiers and a Japanese T.V. pilot.  (I think this is correct, drawing on memory).  He lives his life on his terms.  Here is the cool thing about him more than anything else- he does not think you or I should do the same.  In fact, in his opening pages, he states that it matters not if you do not want to travel the world, but what does matter is you do what makes you happy.  Tim is a Rhodes Scholar at that endeavor, and I encourage you to check out his blog and books. 

Tim Ferriss is a hilarious guy and yet, also one that does not suffer fools.  In his book he talks about quitting jobs that make you miserable and his "sample" resignation letter brought tears of humor to my eyes.  So when Tim featured Brandon Pearce on his blog, I sat up and took notice.

Tim believes it is quite possible to work a few hours a week at your "job" and spend the rest of your time doing whatever you want.  Brandon works about 5 hours a week, lives the ex-pat lifestyle, (he and his family are in Bali right now and I KNOW it's warmer there than Iowa) spends more time in a week with his kids at a rate that rivals what the rest of us may aspire to on a long weekend or a vacation.  Here is the best (IMO) part:  He does so on his own terms. 

I think that is the whole point of life, to figure out what makes you happy and pursue it on your own terms, with a nod to the realities of your life.  The reason Tim featured Brandon is that he is "pulling off" the 4-hour work week with a family.  This is an impressive feat, without question.  Then again, if you read about Brandon it is something he chose to do.  I would argue it is something we all could do if we wanted, really wanted to.

The links to both Tim and Brandon's blogs are below, please check them out if you would like, thanks.

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