Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Silly Season

     Ah, the winter holidays, they kick off with Thanksgiving (granted, it is still technically fall but considering the billions of dollars that was spent on Friday (what's the color it is referred to again?) that sets up for the holiday gift-giving season I'll throw it into the winter holidays.  Besides, it helps to make a better blog post :))  Here's a link to some info on Friday:

     So about the title of this post, The Silly Season.  I recall that in the "Lethal Weapon" movie, there is a scene where Mel Gibson's character is attempting to control a suicidal jumper and in his small talk, refers to this the holidays as "...the silly season," or worst to that effect.  There is a link below to the youtube clip.  (I state all copyrights are owned by the production company who made the movie and/or they are cool with this being on youtube...)

     So here we are, a week away from December, no snow (at least in Eastern Iowa) and yet into the "Season."  It is a time to struggle (and maybe curse) at lights tangled.  (Didn't I make a sacred oath last year to put them away in an orderly fashion?) It is a time to marvel at how our kids can remember their lists the way 1950s bookies could remember bets and spreads.  It is a time to be caught up with nostalgia from all directions.  And yes, it is a time to be overwhelmed.  From social engagements to  juggling "who is at who's house this year" to all the joys the mall is, how could it not be a time for feeling just a bit (or a lot) of craziness.  Perhaps calling it the silly season is being charitable and I do not mean in a red kettle kind of way.

     Then again, it is our choice as to what we focus on this season.  It can be crazy or it can be great.  It can be stressful or it can be time to back up the truck (er sled) and cart away memories.  I do not claim to be an expert on the holidays (or anything else.)  Here is what I do know:

     1.  I have one child who believes in Santa;
     2.  I have another child who is a willing co-conspirator in keeping that myth alive;
     3.  Both of these kids are Jewish by way of their mom/my wife:
     4.  In our house, our Christmas tree went up Friday and today there were potato latkes for dinner;
     5.  My kids put up and decorated my Dad's Christmas tree;
     6.  We will light the Menorah during Chanukah;
     7.  We will have our traditional New Year's party and will start it early this year as making it to 1200 is not that big a deal anymore; and
     8,  I will try to not get stress out (much) and focus on all the wonderfully great stuff in my life. 

     If I can pull that off, it will be a great season, with all the silliness that comes with it.  Come mid-January, I think we'll all wish things weren't so calm,...and cold.

     What are your thoughts on the holiday season?  Is it truly the silly season, a wonderful time, or both?


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